Learn How To Screen Print Tutorial Forum

So here’s a little video I made to promote the forum and stay on the forum index page indefinitely. I hope you enjoy the subtle humor that undulates throughout the sincerity in the video. I had a lot of fun making this video and it was especially fun because it promotes the forum in a serious but entertaining way.

Welcome to the Catspit Productions learn how to screen print educational screen printing forum. This forum was specifically designed around the steps of the entire process in order to help people new to screenprinting textiles learn the process together with a little help from Catspit Productions. The forum is part of the website which is a tutorial supplement to the YouTube videos. I hope that this forum will become a valuable tool and resource for learning how to screen print tee shirts. The forum is unlike any other screenprinting forum because it is focused on learning the process and does not include topics that would be distracting to the beginner. Please feel free to sign up and ask your questions by posting new topics under the categories I have set up for you. You can count on me, Jonathan to answer all questions that go unattended by the community so one way or another you will get a reply here.

What makes it even better is it’s free! Thanks for signing up and helping make the Catspit Productions Screen Printing Forum a success. We appreciate your time and support and are always happy to help you in your screen printing endeavors. Learn how to screenprint for fun or for profit!

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