How To Screen Print: Using & Changing Pallet Tape On Press

The first of two screen printing videos this week is sort of a follow up video to one I did some time ago. Last year I did an educational video about cleaning the pallets on a manual rotary textile press. In that video I mentioned and showed a product called pallet tape. Well in the latest video by Catspit we cover this very product and do a demonstration of how it is removed and applied to the pallets on press. I think this month will end up being pallet themed as I have a couple more videos to upload in March that relate to pallets or pallet products. By the time we finish the month you should know a lot more about your pallets that you use in screen printing tee shirts.

So the new video is called, “How To Screen Print: Using & Changing Pallet Tape On Press.” I really intended for this video to be a shorter one but because I actually change the pallet tape on my 6 color, 6 station press, it takes a little more time than I anticipated. But I did speed up the footage where we applied all the pallet tape. Despite the length of more than 10 minutes I think this video is not only fun to watch but very informative. Here we run through some tips on working with pallet tapes and when to change them out. It is very important not to leave pallet tape on your pallets for too long and you will find out why in this screenprinting tutorial. You’ll get to see the removal of old pallet tape and the condition of which you should remove it as well as the application and trimming of new pallet tape. Learn how to trim your pallet tape in order to avoid problems when loading tee shirts for printing while getting tips on how to handle and care for your roll of pallet tape. This video will teach you how and when to use pallet tape and it gives you some tips and advice on doing it with minimal frustrations as pallet tapes can be difficult to work with at times.

I think in the end you will agree that pallet tape is easier to work with than just having to clean the pallets with solvents. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching. I appreciate your time. And of course thanks for stopping by my screenprinting blog. Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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