How To Screen Print A Working QR Scan Code Onto Tee Shirts

I had a print job this past month where the customer wanted to print a working QR scan code onto tee shirts. I had never done such a thing before but I knew that some people had actually done this before. I mean I really didn’t know of any specific cases or print jobs that were done and turned out successful but I figured that in this day and age where we have so many people doing the same things in different parts of the world, someone had to have done it. And I figured it could work because it’s a matter of printing simple square shapes in a pattern that the scanner can read. I knew for sure the screen printing part of this was possible. What I didn’t know was how the smart phone scanner would read it off a flexible tee shirt. And, no because this wasn’t my personal project I didn’t actually research it….LOL. The customer did…

So the customer looked into a few concerns about QR codes on flexible fabrics and he came up with three most critical questions. How do we make the QR code easier for the smart phone to scan? How big or small can it be in relation to scanning distances form a tee shirt? And finally how would this all be affected by women with substantial breasts? That’s right boobies. And I apologize to our women readers here as those are just good keywords… LOL. Alright, really it is a concern and a funny one at that. But it’s a real issue and something to address if you try this yourself. The new screenprinting video is called, “How To Screen Print A Working QR Scan Code Onto Tee Shirts.” In this educational video you will get to see the set up and printing the QR code onto a white garment but you also get a time lapse clip of a 3 color job press break down. It’s a pretty nice video where you see how the manual rotary screen printing press is broken down after printing a 3 color design. Then you get to see a smart phone scan the QR code printed on the shirt and you can hear the scan beep. It works! You’ll also get a nice close up of the actual print itself.

So this is a pretty cool video to watch if you have ever wanted to screenprint QR codes on to textiles of different sorts. I had a lot of fun making it and I appreciate the customer, David, for letting us do a video with his print job. Of course he does get a little exposure out of it… 🙂 Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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