How To Screen Print: Choosing The Correct Pallet Size On Press

It must be pallet month or something. Here is a quick tip screenprinting video about choosing pallet sizes. LOL… I figured since I started on the subject I may as well cover as much as I can now. I have covered pallet tape, pallet sizes and cleaning the pallet itself. So I think next up will be a quick tip video about metal vs. wooden pallets. But for today’s educational screen printing video we will take a quick look at pallet choices.

This new tutorial screenprinting video is called, “How To Screen Print: Choosing The Correct Pallet Size On Press.” Eventually if you are screen printing shirts for commercial purposes you will find the need to print smaller special items or garments. This video discusses and shows the different pallets and pallet sizes you can use to screenprint different items and even tote bags on a standard textile press. Here we consider youth garments as well as women’s logo wear which is often smaller than the standard adult sizes. What do you do when a youth tee shirt does not fit on your standard adult pallet? This instructional video answers those questions and more. Like how can you print sweat pants or long sleeves? The answers all lie within the realm of pallets. And here you’ll get to see a nice variety of pallet sizes. I think this is a great tutorial video for those who are just starting to work with a manual rotary textile screenprinting press. It’s one of those topics that you don’t think of until you have a shirt too small for the pallets you have on your press.

In the meantime enjoy this educational screenprinting video. Make sure to stop by the website for more high quality free information about screen printing tee shirts. And pay close attention to the blog! An exciting announcement will be made first on the blog and then on YouTube as a video. If you read the blog, you will often find out about all things Catspit before those who don’t. Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions LLC!

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