Screen Printer’s Trick: Make Cheap DIY Paper Stickers

I just finished a pretty decent order of 500 pieces last week and I wanted to label my boxes with a Catspit sticker for some free advertising. Tee shirt boxes are often used over and over for shirts as well as being reused for other purposes. So there are a few times a year that I want to actually label my boxes on certain jobs where I feel it is appropriate. This time I had 5 boxes to label so I thought I would share my technique with you all being as though it seems like it would be perfect for some YouTube users who make handmade graffiti stickers. Since I don’t do this often and I do use rather large labels, I use a method that is cheap, fast and looks great.

This video is called, “Screen Printer’s Trick: Make Cheap DIY Paper Stickers.” It’s a really fun video in which I show you how to make a sticker out of any paper. You can use paper computer print outs, hand drawings or existing printed images like post cards and photos. In this video I take a full color print out from a laser printer and cut it out in order to make a paper sticker using a spray mount much like the spray tacks we use in screen printing tee shirts. In fact this whole techniques started with spray tacks and fooling around the shop. We all know how when it gets slow in the print shop we often start using our creative juices in adventurous ways. How many of us have put pizza or other food through the belt dryer? How many of us start playing with scrap pieces of magnetic sign material only to make a few unique magnets? Who doesn’t experiment with printing in strange locations or with ink colors we never use for actual print jobs? And who hasn’t played with the spray tack to make various items stick around the shop? Well that’s where this idea started some many years ago in my brother’s shop in New York. We used to use the spray tack to glue down all kinds of sh*t in his place…LOL. Repairs, signage, floor mats and more.

Maybe I should brand some spray tack as a generic household adhesive and do an infomercial on the stuff. It has all kinds if uses around the house! The garage! The office! Order your can of Catspit’s Super Stick It All today!! LOL… anyway this should be at the very least a fun video for you all to watch. Thanks again for stopping by my blog and checking out my posts. I really appreciate your time and support! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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