Screen Printing Classes, Training & Education At RANAR by Catspit

Did you know that Jonathan at Catspit Productions teaches classes, gives demonstrations and gives personal training in your shop or home? Well now you do because I made a new video about the first class I held at RANAR this year. When I went to the ISS screen printing trade show in Long Beach California, I also taught a small class immediately following the show. It’s often the next business day after the shows at Long Beach Convention Center that I will personally instruct an introductory class about how to screen print tee shirts. I have to say it was a lot of fun and I hope to do more classes in the future. So I thought I would make this video and try to spread the word about it.

The video is called, “Screen Printing Classes, Training & Education At RANAR by Catspit”. In the video I basically explain everything I stated above but you also get to see a few clips from the last class I taught. It’s actually a pretty cool video because you get to see me print a four color spot and dot print job. It’s a design I set up in order to do some Catspit videos with halftones and spot colors combined. I’ll be doing a set up video on that very soon and then we will take a look at how to properly utilize a manual rotary press with a flash station using the same artwork. I guess you could say this video is a sneak peak at videos to come. I also have a webpage set up on the Catspit website for the Classes & Training page here:

You can always stop by that page to see if there is a class currently scheduled. These are great classes because it’s not a corporate environment focusing on sales at all. I myself make some revenue by teaching the class so there is no pressure for equipment sales whatsoever by RANAR. Secondly if you do buy equipment we put your class fee toward the purchase of qualifying equipment. So if you come for a class and buy a floor press the class will end up being free. If you don’t buy any equipment no one will harass you to do so… LOL and you will get some very intense one on one time with myself and the owners of RANAR who also have great knowledge of screenprinting equipment to share with you freely.

I began offering this class because I enjoy teaching and I hope to expand the classes some day. I hope to see you there one day… Thanks a lot for stopping by the blog and reading my usual drivel on my usual subjects. Or subject…. 🙂 Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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