Screen Printing T Shirts On A Manual Rotary Textile Press

This is the latest upload to YouTube and a great action video about screen printing tee shirts on a manual rotary textile press. I had a job recently where I was able to make a video of me printing the actual job. I don’t do this often because quite frankly it’s hard to do without messing up some tee shirts. But this was a pretty simple job and I was just starting things up and getting the pallets warm as I was flashing a 3 color on white. Originally I intending on printing this wet but I screwed up my artwork and film positives so some of the black printer was over printing the blue and had to flash. I didn’t notice until after the screens were made and on press… LOL. Turns out I think it looked a lot better anyway due to the inks I was using. I would have had to add reducer to each to lesson pick up for printing wet. But what they hey, the job came out great and the customer was happy so in the end that’s all that counts.

Well that and you have to make some money right? LOL…. the new video is called, “Screen Printing T Shirts On A Manual Rotary Textile Press.” This is a totally cool fast motion video showing the printing of a 3 color design on white tee shirts. I don’t talk because it’s sped up and therefore it really isn’t an instructional video but if you watch me closely you can see how the press is rotated with a flash during the printing of a 3 color design. This is an excellent screenprinting demonstration for anyone wondering how a rotary textile press works and why the pallets rotate the shirts around the press. It’s an example of why having a fully rotary press is ideal when flashing a multi color screen print. It makes a good companion video to the article about how to use a rotary press on the website. It’s even pretty cool for me to watch for some reason. It seems to have a hypnotizing effect on me. Maybe because i do that sort of thing often watching a video of me doing it puts me into a pseudo printing trance. i don’t know but I like this video and I think you will too. It’s another killer Catspit Production, hehe….

Thanks again for dropping by my little blog and reading my post. i can’t tell you how much I appreciate your time and attention. Thanks for your support! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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