The Most Popular Heat Transfer Video On YouTube

Well maybe it isn’t the absolute most popular heat transfer video on YouTube but it is my most popular video there. And I suppose I should say that it is actually 2 separate videos. That’s right. The 2 most popular videos I have on YouTube are the oldest videos I have. And they are about heat transfers not screen printing. It’s funny because I made this 2 part video a long time before I actually started making screen printing videos. Not only that but I made it for an entirely different channel I had at the time. This was a long time ago when once upon a time I was making videos for fun about nothing in particular at all. That’s when I realized I could make screen printing videos and have a more successful channel. Then at one point  I decided to use these old heat transfer videos for the screenprinting channel.

This 2 part heat transfer video was made in my old apartment long before the whole Catspit project started. But I used the video because it was very thorough. Maybe a bit informal but very detailed. The video is called: “How To Screen Print: T Shirt Heat Transfers At Home #1” and “How To Screen Print: T Shirt Heat Transfers At Home #2”. These two videos are by far the most popular videos I have. They are the most viewed, the most commented and the most attention grabbing videos in my collection. The 2nd video in the set gets more views than the first because of the thumbnail. It shows the shirt on the heat press. The first part of this video has a less interesting thumbnail and therefore seems to be less attractive for YouTube viewers. However the first part of the video set is just as important to watch as the second part. Every day I get questions on the second video regarding information that is contained in the first video. Therefore I have a standard reply for this type of incident. It just happens too often for me to type a different reply each time… LOL. So I encourage you all to watch Part 1 first and then proceed to Part 2. That way you will get the most out of this 2 part video.

The video features Avery inkjet heat transfers for home use and I explain how when used with a heat press you get better results. It shows you all about how to cut and press the transfers to tee shirts. The videos are so active and popular that I eventually made a 1 part version of this video where I try to emphasize all of the answers to the most commonly asked questions I get on the matter. That video is called “How To Heat Transfer Tee Shirts”. Make sure to watch that video as well for a completely thorough and rounded explanation of how to use inkjet heat transfers at home with a heat press.

Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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