New Educational Screenprinting Video: Tips On Reclaiming

Hello everyone! I have been somewhat preoccupied with business lately and I was not able to post any blogs recently. But as usual with another brand new screen printing tutorial video being uploaded to YouTube, I had to make a blog entry today to share the news with you all. I have been having a lot of fun making the latest videos and I think you will be able to tell. Things are going very well here in the office. Very slow but very well. On to this week’s video….

I had a couple of videos that I have been wanting to make for sometime and now that I have full control over the shop It has been easier to make videos as I wish. This is the first of 3 new videos coming up in the next few weeks. This one is called, “How To Screen Print: Tips On Reclaiming Screens”. It’s a quick tip video in which I use a cheat sheet for the first time. I wanted to remember all of the tips I planned to share with you and so I used a list to refer to while making the video. After forgetting things I wanted to mention in so many past videos, it was refreshing to be able to give you all the information I intended when I started the video. Making these tutorial screenprinting videos without a script is very challenging. But I don’t think I would ever change the way I make them in that respect. Using some notes is one thing but scripting the video would take away what makes it a Catspit video I think.

So obviously in this video I give some pointers and tips about removing emulsion form your screens after stencil use. This video was a long time coming in that I get asked this type of question almost daily. I figured I needed to make a video about the tips I have been giving everyone when they ask this anything related to this topic or reclaiming screens for reuse. I think this is a great video for everyone who is attempting to screen print using photographic emulsions. I hope I didn’t sound too confusing when talking about the chemicals. Make sure to read all of the annotations on this one.

Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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