New Screen Printing Video: How Screenprinting Equipment Is Made

OK, this is the long awaited screen printing video made at the RANAR factory in El Segundo California. This is the one I made when I went up to visit he guys there at the factory. RANAR makes high quality affordable screen printing equipment which is modular and upgradable. The company is not very big but they offer big time customer service and product support. The owners of this homegrown company help build the equipment themselves and provide technical support as well. Starting out much like Catspit Productions as a screen printing shop, they have over 25 years experience in working within the screen-printing industry.

I had some issues with the actual editing of this video the first time around. I discovered that my $99.99 Sony Vegas software is really not that great. It seems to have some glitches that are present on any computer despite the power or configuration. But after some work and some adaptations, I came up with the final rendition of the video called, “How Screen Printing Equipment Is Made”. I really had some fun making this video and I enjoyed being in the Manhattan Beach area very much as well. This is the first video in which I use hard cuts between clips. There is no transition from one video segment to the next. It just hard cuts to the next video clip and I think it works out very well for this video and it probably worked out better than I thought in general. Although I feel the hard cut transition went well with this video I do think I will use it more often. I like it as it feels more like what people are used to on modern television.

So I hope you enjoy this video tour of the RANAR factory. You get to see how the equipment is made and what goes into the whole process of making screen printing equipment for textiles. I think it’s one of the best videos I have done yet as it gives you a sneak peak into a rarely seen part of the industry. Here you can really see that making this equipment is a skill and a trade. It’s a hands on process that involves real fabrication technicians. You may get a better understanding of why equipment costs what it does and why you would want to purchase RANAR screen printing equipment.

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