New Screen Printing Video: How to Use Off Contact On The Press

Hey last week’s educational video about screen printing tee shirts was uploaded late on Saturday. I meant to get it done by Friday of last week but due to several computer issues and a very busy work load, I had to delay it until the weekend. In fact the Mother computer at Catspit has been retired to light duty… LOL. We are running on a new quad core HP. Oh yea! High performance indeed. I love this new computer. Now I have to get the right software to edit my videos for the new computer. I hope that will open up some new possibilities for using the full abilities of the software.

The new screenprinting tutorial video is called, “How To Screen Print: Using Off Contact On The press”. This video was requested several times and although I have talked about this in other videos I never went into too much detail about it. Hence, the making of this video. I don’t really do requests but when the subject matter demands it, so be it. The video covers what off contact is, what it does for you and how to adjust it on most presses. I also talk a bit about using masking tape to tape off screens and how it will come off in different situations. You can see here masking tape is a viable and inexpensive alternative to costly screen tapes.

Please also take advantage of the article on the website relating to this. It may also help you to understand the concept of off contact. You can find it here: Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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