Catspit Productions Screen Printing Newsletter #3

Hello everyone and welcome to the third Catspit Productions Screen Printing Newsletter #3,

Before we start I have to thank all of you for your continued support and thank you for visiting the Catspit Productions website! I appreciate your taking the time to watch my YouTube videos and read the great screen printing articles on the website. Thank you for your time and attention. Thank you all.

Now on to the latest and greatest news from Catspit Productions, LLC!

The Shop: Catspit Productions has moved to a new location. I no longer work in a cooperative warehouse location. I have consolidated and upgraded my shop and I now have total control of the shop environment. Since I am a dealer for RANAR screen printing equipment I teamed up with them to equip the shop. I truly love that I use the very equipment I sell. I think that is unique. I am very comfortable in my new shop and I think this will allow me to make more videos as well as making them better. You can take a shop tour here:

The Website: The website has come a long way and is now almost 100 pages in total. The construction of the website has slowed down quite a bit due to the fact that I have created something bigger than myself. The website is now getting well over 10,000 visits each month and I fear that it has out grown the current platform. The time has come to seriously seek out an option to rebuild the site with a more up to date and state of the art look. But because the Catspit website is almost 100 pages in size, this is a daunting task. Most website designers would charge a fortune to rebuild such a site. Therefore I am always seeking an individual who will do it for a reasonable price and set it up so that I may continue to edit and add to the website content. I think this is something that will take a very long time to figure out and implement. Nothing will happen anytime soon. I may even produce a tutorial DVD before I get to rebuild the website but know that this is something I am exploring. Please be patient and stay tuned to the Catspit Productions website. There is only one genuine Catspit Productions website and it can only be found at the URL below:

The YouTube Channel: As of 6/12/11 the YouTube channel has 1,093,171 total videos views, 95,185 channel page views and an ever growing subscriber base of 3,068. The YouTube channel has exceeded any expectations I ever had for it. Now with the new shop and the more private setting, I am hoping to do more videos. I am aiming for at least 1 new video each week to start. And I hope to get to make many of the videos that I have wanted to do for some time and a few that have been requested.

The Catspit Blog: The blog continues to grow and gain traffic but it is really just a portal to the website and the YouTube channel. It contains mostly video updates, website and company news as well as promotional articles. But it also contains some very cool screen printing articles and more. Make sure to explore the blog to get in on the screen printing tips and advice there. You can also use the search function on the website to find screen printing related material on the blog. The search function on the website searches the website and the blog for you. On another note it is important to point out that there are many Catspit impersonators out there in that people are now starting to use the word Catspit as a keyword for screen printing or heat transfers. This is ultimately flattering and actually helps add value to what I have created. The down side is that I fear people truly searching for the genuine article may be detoured through a bogus webpage with embedded Catspit videos and massive Google ads or other money generating systems. You will find most of these to be in blog format with very little content. There is only one true Catspit Blog and it can only be found at the URL below:

Discounted Print Supplies: Catspit Productions has been teaming up with screen printing vendors to offer website visitors a discount on screen printing supplies. If you haven’t seen it already, please visit the Print Supplies page of the website to learn about these great offers. You can get a 5% discount on most orders and get free shipping with Saati products from Saati Express. Many of the products used in the YouTube videos are available here. You can also buy inkjet film directly from Catspit Productions. I have added new vendors since the last Newsletter such as RhinoTech. I also added Amazon links for screen printing products for the hobbyist. You can find the ever so elusive hinge clamps there.

Vector Artwork Services: Please don’t forget we offer vector art conversions of your hand drawn or scanned artwork. This is a cool service that converts your jpeg’s, png’s, pdf’s and tiff image files into vector art files in EPS format. To learn more about the new service please visit the Artwork Services page of the website.

Equipment Sales: Catspit Productions has teamed up with RANAR to bring you great screen printing equipment at reasonable prices. This is the very same equipment I use in my shop. I really love to be able to sell the very equipment I use myself. I think that is something you don’t find often. Especially today where most people selling screen printing equipment have never screen printed tee shirts for a living. So if you are in the market for equipment, please contact me. I’d love the opportunity to help you buy what you need.

Help spread the word about Catspit Productions; connect with us on MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter! Embed one of these widgets on your website or social networking page:

Thanks again to everyone for helping make the Catspit Productions internet project a success. I look forward to providing you with more great free information about screen printing in the future.

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