How To Screenprint: Screen & Shirt Press Tips

This is another new educational screen printing video brought to you by Catspit Productions, LLC. I had several people ask for a very similar video. And even thought there are 2 older videos which address these issues, I thought I would make an updated video that would combine the 2 topics into a short video. I think it has some key tips on the matter of loading tee shirts onto the pallet and setting up a 1 color screen in the print head.

I am often asked how do you get the tee shirt onto the pallet straight so that the print is straight on the shirt? That is a difficult question to answer but YouTube and video technology makes it a bit easier. In the video called, “How To Screenprint: Screen & Shirt Press Tips” I discuss and demonstrate this as well as how to get the screen in the press straight. At least explaining how to get the screen in press correctly is pretty easy. But I think all in all this is a very good “Quick Tips” video. These are the other 2 older video that may also help with these topics:

How To Screen Print: Setting Up On The Press

How To Screen Print: Loading The Pallet With Shirts

I hope you all enjoy this new screenprinting quick tip tutorial video. I appreciate your watching my videos. If you like them, please comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can easily join and create a personal profile in order to subscribe and comment on videos. Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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