New Screen Printing Video: Tips On Curing Plastisol Inks

Have you seen the latest screen printing tutorial video by Catspit Productions? I posted another brand new screenprinting video to YouTube yesterday afternoon. The first upload attempt failed and I had to do it again. I have never had so many problems uploading videos until I moved recently. I realized my “high speed” internet connection was suspect. I had to have the service provider come out and check on things. Of course it was partially my fault and partially the connection. But despite the challenges and hurdles to overcome, I am still able to upload videos, thank goodness. Things seem to be functioning very well now.

So the latest video is called, “How To Screen Print: Tips On Curing Plastisol Inks”.  In this video I talk about how to cure plastisol inks for textile screenprinting. I discuss what it really means to cure the printed ink and I even explain a little about the temperature gun. Many people seem to think they are laser temperature guns when in fact the laser is only a visual guide to where the infrared meter is pointing. This is a great video to watch especially if you just started to work with plastisol screen printing inks. I made a minor adjustment to the lighting as well. I think it is better even though the thumbnail for this video looks over exposed. Make sure to stop by the YouTube channel and have a look at this video and all the latest educational videos from Catspit Productions.

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog and reading my post. I hope you will also find the time to visit the website and have a good look around. There is a lot of great screen printing information there for you free of charge, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to New Screen Printing Video: Tips On Curing Plastisol Inks

  1. abbaskhan992 says:

    my name is abbas khan and i am an pretty good experienced screen printer printing on T.shirts all types of inks water base plastisoleinks perfume glass bottles all sorts of promo items as well as working on CorelDRAW15 I saw your videos and i say its just wonderful there is a lot to learn thankyou

    • You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure to help out and share information. Thank you very much for taking the time to let me know how much you are getting out of my educational efforts online. I appreciate that. Make sure to fully explore the website for a ton of free information about screen printing. And if you need supplies, please check out my Print Supplies page for discounts:

      And please help spread the word about us online. Share my YouTube channel or website with your friends on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or whatever social networking site you may use. Every little bit helps.

      Good luck and thanks for your support. Feel free to ask questions anytime!

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