Catspit Productions And The Screen Printing Imposters

There are many Catspit impersonators out there in that people are now starting to use the word Catspit as a keyword for screen printing or heat transfers. This is ultimately flattering and actually helps add value to what I have created. The down side is that I fear people truly searching for the genuine article may be detoured through a bogus webpage with embedded Catspit videos and massive Google ads or other money generating systems. You will find most of these to be in blog format with very little content. But there is only one true Catspit Productions online and you will only find my content on these URL’s:

You may also find some other video site profiles and lesser known social networking profiles for Catspit Productions. These were made by myself in the effort to build traffic to the website but you will notice they are all stagnant. There should be no recent activity on a genuine off beat Catspit internet profile. And they should all link directly to my website. Most all of them were created and left to stand on their own. Any that appear to be active very recently are most likely imposters.

YouTube has been great for exposure and traffic to the website. The down side is that the videos are in syndication and may be embedded by anyone to any website on the internet. YouTube does not police the use of it’s embed feature and therefore people can use my videos to gain traffic and perhaps earn revenue form Google ads or other pay per click programs. The use of the term Catspit as a keyword has been seen on many bogus websites. In fact if you Google Catspit you should see my website as the number one search result. But if you go 3 to 6 pages back in the search you will find the posers. There are even blogs which embed my blog entries as content. It seems I have a gift for creating great internet content which drives free traffic and there are people out there with he gifted ability to use other peoples content to their advantage without necessarily breaking any copyright laws.

And I certainly am aware of the DMCA but that is a timely process unless you pay for it to be done for you. That’s not what this is about anyway. I just wanted to address, acknowledge and point out this situation. Honestly I think it ends up creating a lot of back links to my website and the all knowing Google knows who the real deal is. In the end I think it helps me more than it hurts me but I don’t want anyone to be sidetracked by some imposter. It is a little annoying that someone could be earning money from the content I create. If anyone should earn revenue from my content it’s myself… LOL.

So let me make it clear to all the potential content borrowers: No material whatsoever from the Catspit website or blog may be reproduced anywhere or in any way without prior written consent from Catspit Productions, LLC. Embedding of blog content or videos is also prohibited for revenue generating purposes. Any embeddable or syndicated material must be accompanied by proper credits and back links to the Catspit Productions website. The downloading of any Catspit Productions educational video from YouTube to any device is strictly prohibited. YouTube does not offer a download service and videos are protected by copyright and YouTube licensing. All videos, artwork and literature owned by Catspit Productions, LLC except where otherwise stated. All rights reserved. © Copyright 2009, 2010, 2011.

If you would like to collaborate or ask me to write a guest blog, please feel free to contact me on the one and only Catspit Productions website. Thanks again for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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