How To Screen Print: 3 Color Print With Flash Cure

As I continue to look back at the videos I’ve made for the screen printing YouTube channel, I realize what a great journey this has been. Not that it’s ending or anything but things change and we are headed into a new era of screen printing videos. I hope to get to do all the things I have been wanting to and more. Now I can plan out a video that demos printing rather than do it spontaneously based on what was going on in the cooperative shop. I remember doing this video about the three color print demo. It was the first actual printing video I had done. I knew I needed to do one but I never thought about what to actually do. This video was very unplanned but I think people still get a lot out of it.

In the video called, “How To Screen Print: 3 Color Print Demo With Flash”, I basically used my own print job for Catspit Productions and used a rag for the video. I recall that the artwork wasn’t really set up the way I wanted it to be so I could print wet but in the end I only had a small quantity to print. These were the screens for the Catspit “Skull and Bones” tee. Here I had to flash the radioactive green twice. Once for coverage and then a second time so the gray and black could over print. But it really slows things down, ideally you want to try to at least print most all of your colors first then flash before you print the black. But sometimes things end up on press that could have been set up better. This always seems to be the case with my personal print jobs… LOL. The shoe maker wears the most worn sole. Or something to that effect.

I was still wearing those darn white shirts which are great for the heat but reflect too much light into the camera. That really threw off the lighting and I didn’t figure this out for sometime. For some reason my photographic background is only now starting to become in sync with my video making efforts. I guess I was stuck in a certain mode of thought as far as photography and video being so separate. But in many ways they are not separate, maybe different in some aspects but very much of the same species. This makes me want to try to really make more complicated edited videos but I have learned my laptop which does the video rendering cannot handle too many effects in Sony Vegas. Once I tried to do multiple transitions and it kept crashing. I think it’s time for a computer upgrade.

At least I got that HD thing all figured out. Dag nab it! What a journey indeed. That was a big hurdle created by my insufficient laptop. Totally unnecessary but you live and learn. Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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