Screen Printing Video News; This Weeks Tutorial Videos

That’s right, I said this weeks videos. Plural as in 4 brand new screen printing videos for YouTube. Every day this week except for Friday I will post a new video to YouTube. These are a series of videos to compliment the Manual Screen Printing Shop Set Up Tour and the 4 Or 6 Color Upgradable Screen Printing Press  videos. All 4 will feature a different piece of equipment from RANAR. The first will cover the exposure unit, the second will cover the flash cure unit, the third will display the belt oven and finally the last will showcase the washout booth. These videos are for your informational convenience and to help spread the word that Catspit Productions is an authorized RANAR dealer.

Here’s the rap on the exposure unit from RANAR; The model XPO-2331 Vacuum Exposure Unit, standard features include 10, 20 watt unfiltered ultraviolet black-light fluorescent bulbs, a digital countdown timer and vacuum. These features make exposing block letters, halftones, and simulated process images with high resolution fast and easy. The XPO series exposure units are an important part of any screen printing shop’s pre-press room.

The flash cure unit; RANAR is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of flash dryers from 16×16 all the way to 24×36.  They start by using the best IR panels in the industry and add the controls and features which allow ultimate control of the flash dryer. Features for the 18×20: high wattage heat panel, heat control, stand and casters, available in 110v or 220v, 3 yr warranty on heater panels.

How about the dryer; The CURESTAR 4000 infrared conveyor dryer, is the most affordable and economical 8’ft dryer for the silk screen printing market. Rated at 200 shirts per hour, using a 4000 watt (1) 24”x 24”heater in a 4 ft insulated tunnel achieves the lowest energy cost per unit average compared to our competitors. RANAR offers many features that other manufacturers charge extra for, such as a quality solid state heat control, adjustments for temperature, panel height, gates, and belt speed. These make setting up different applications on this conveyor dryer a snap. It has crowned rollers for easy belt tracking and a 24”inch wide belt.

And finally the econo washout booth is made from galvanized sheet metal with nickel plated bolts. It comes complete with a backlight and translucent white Plexiglas back. The light operates on an air foot pedal. The unit can fit 20 by 24 screens as well as 23 by 31 automatic screens.

So make sure to stop by the website and the YouTube channel to see these new videos and learn about manual screen printing equipment by RANAR from Catspit Productions. Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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