Screen Printing Educational Resource for Teachers, Students, Unemployed and Hobbyists Complete with Articles and Tutorial Videos

There is a great tutorial and educational website dedicated to learning how to screen print tee shirts for fun or for profit. The website is accompanied by a YouTube channel and a blog which support and supplement the website articles.

Have you ever wanted to print your own tee shirts? Or have you wondered how your favorite T shirt was printed? Now you can get online and learn all about screenprinting tee shirts as a hobby at home or for profit. You could learn how to set up a screen print shop in your garage and make extra money while still working a job.

Jonathan Monaco, owner of Catspit Productions, LLC in Phoenix, Arizona started this educational website in late 2009. He also makes screen printing tutorial videos for the Catspit YouTube channel. Jonathan literally writes and creates all of the content for the website, blog and YouTube channel.

The screenprinting educational website he created offers a wide variety of material on the subject including but not limited to articles, web reviews with links, tips or advice, and tutorial videos. The website also provides many other services including artwork conversions, custom screen printing and discount promo codes for supplies.

Jonathan’s involvement in screen printing actually started when he was 11 years old when he printed his first shirts with his uncle in the basement. They used a handmade, wooden, table top press built by his uncle. Jonathan’s family has been deeply involved in different aspects of the screen printing industry since before he was born.

This is an excellent resource for beginners, intermediates and even professionals. Learning how to screen print tee shirts is fun and easy with this online tutorial website dedicated to screenprinting. The tutorial videos are very entertaining to watch for learning purposes or just curiosity.


Jonathan Monaco

Catspit Productions, LLC

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