New Screenprinting Video: Screen Drying Box & Stretcher

Another brand new educational video about screen printing has been uploaded to YouTube today. It was a challenge to get this done as I have been so busy with moving myself and getting ready to make new videos in the new Catspit shop. Normally I would do this blog right after I posted the latest video along with a Twitter and Facebook post. But today I had other things to tend to immediately following he upload so here I am late at night trying to finish the days tasks… hang in there guys, I’ll be back on schedule very soon.

So today’s video is another great show video in the Saati booth. This is from the Vegas SGIA show in 2010. It was a very fun show to go to because I went with some colleagues and I really love Vegas. I’m not a gambler but I like to play a couple of games and take in the sights, smells, sounds, etc. Vegas is the touristy type of place that makes you feel like you are farther away from home than you really are. At least for me because I live like 5 hours away by car. The new video is called, “Screenprinting: Screen Dryer Box & Pneumatic Stretcher”. In this video you get a look at a real professional screen dying box rather than a makeshift one like the unit I made. And you get to see a pneumatic screen stretcher. Unfortunately the screen stretcher wasn’t in operation but you get to see the set up and such. This is a shorter video but I thought you all would appreciate seeing the equipment.

This is the last show video in stock and I will make some more sometime in the future perhaps. I will definitely be going to the RANAR factory and I hope to visit the Saati lab sometime as well. I think I may have done as much as I want at the trade shows for now. We shall see… Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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