How To Screen Print: Tips On Good Ink Coverage

As I prepare myself today to make the first new manual screen printing video from the new Catspit shop, I can’t help but think about where we started. When I first started making how to screen print videos for YouTube, I was working from a large warehouse with a few friends and colleagues in the industry. It was really cool to work in such a big space and have access to equipment and supplies to make the videos that I would have otherwise not have had access to. But as time moved on I found the restrictions and barriers of working in the cooperative situation to be too limiting.

Many of the older videos made in this situation were done very spontaneously. But as a result of not having full control over the shop environment, we would make videos in any place of the shop that seemed to be good for a video. In the video called “How To Screen Print: Tips On Good Ink Coverage” I simply used the only table I had at the time to work on. Here you can see parts of the shop that were never intended to be shown and it adds a bit of haphazardness to the look of the video. But in he end the video turned out to be packed with great information on how to get great ink coverage when screen printing tee shirts. It’s funny because this was the point at which I thought I could add annotations when I produced the video in Windows Movie Maker. But much to my dismay every time I uploaded such an attempt, like this video, the text annotations looked very bad and were almost unreadable. I never really figured out why the video itself would look fine but the upload seemed to ruin the text graphics. Therefore I began using the YouTube annotation system exclusively to add important information to my videos that I forgot to mention or maybe didn’t clearly explain. And of course I use the annotations to correct mistakes which I make often due to the fact that the videos are unscripted.

Now that I am uploading in HD I may return to investigate the text graphics and how they upload to YouTube in HD format. Maybe they will render much better but that is a project for another time. Right now I have to get going over to the old cooperative shop to shoot the transitional portion of the latest manual screen printing video. This video will bring us to the new Catspit shop with all the new RANAR equipment. I am really excited to be making new screenprinting videos in a shop that is all my own. Now we can get serious!

Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit productions, LLC!

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