The New Screen Printing Shop & A New Catspit Video Era

I have done a lot of work to get to where I am today with the Catspit shop. There have been a lot of trials and tribulations along the way including a failed cooperative effort and personal factors which have led me to where I am today. But in the end I think it turned out quite well considering the new responsibilities and duties I have in caring for my aging Mother. That’s right,  Mom is a big part of the reason my brother and I did not open a storefront right now. So it’s time to begin to welcome you all to the new screen printing shop and the new RANAR equipment. I am very excited to be working with RANAR to bring you their product line. I believe in their products and that’s why I use them myself.

I have finally gotten power to the belt dryer and flash cure unit and we have all new equipment to work with and make videos about. There is the new upgraded Vista 6/6 tee shirt press and of course the new Curestar 4000 belt dryer with an all new control panel. Then we have the larger exposure unit which can do 23 x 31 screens for automatic presses. And last but not least there is a 16 x 18 flash cure unit and a galvanized metal washout booth. Oh yea, I almost forgot the adjustable screen rack too. The shop is coming together and I am just about to make some new videos. I’ll be doing new videos on each of the new pieces of equipment very soon. But first there will be a transitional video which will cover and discuss the upgradability of the RANAR Vista Series screenprinting presses. This is one of the reasons I recommend their products for beginners and start up professionals alike. Durability, versatility, and value are all a part of the reasons why I would and do print with this press myself.

I have one more show video to upload before we get to some new videos from the new shop. But I have to get a hair cut before I start making videos again, lol. I really was busy for a while there and I’m still negotiating a move for myself now too. I can’t wait to get going and really be able to make videos whenever I feel like it about more great screen printing topics. I hope to cover as much material as I logically can for you all to enjoy and learn from. So stay tuned to the website, YouTube channel and this blog for all the latest and greatest from Catspit Productions, LLC!

Thanks for stopping by and reading the blog! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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2 Responses to The New Screen Printing Shop & A New Catspit Video Era

  1. Rudy Chacon says:

    Mr. Monaco,

    Or Jon. I am not sure what to call you. I have watched your videos numerous times so I feel like I know you. Anyhow, I wanted to thank you for your tutorial videos. I believe they offer a great foundation for screen printing.

    In several of your videos you mention some people being upset about your tutorials and saying you are teaching people how to make a low quality product but I think they miss the message. You are giving people a foundation to expand on. I own a small screen printing shop (which is to say it is run my myself and my brother). I am mostly self taught and do about 90% of the work because my brother isn’t as seasoned as I have become.

    We have been in business for over two years and have had great word of mouth advertising because of our attention to detail and great customer service. It is a part time venture so we both cram a lot into our full schedules. Last year we added yard sign printing to our textile services and business was better than we expected.

    Back to why I am thanking you. I have downloaded your videos and my brother has been watching them (I find it difficult to train him myself during an actual run because I could have half the job printed by the time he registers the screens, remember we have full time jobs and lives beyond the shop). Well thanks to your videos my brother has gained a good knowledge of the concepts involved and I have been able to pass more of the responsibilities onto him giving me more time to handle the accounting, ordering, stocking and marketing for the business.

    In closing keep up the great mission! You spark interest in our field and I know I have given many secrets I have learned to my “competitors” merely because I love talking about printing. I hope all shops do well and I believe the quality is in the personal attention to the customer more than the ink we splash on the shirt.


    Rudy Chacon
    Proponent Ink, LLC

    • Jonathan is fine. Thanks, I’m glad you are finding my videos to be helpful. I think what I have said is that some people say I am creating inferior competition. Meaning more people out there trying to screen print for profit who may do lesser quality work while at the same time possibly driving prices down. That’s what I mean anyway, it may sound the same but it’s the whole point of teaching the masses and creating the potential for someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing to take a paying job away from an actual commercial printer.

      But I cannot teach the years of experience it takes to be successful in this business. Those who are destined to screen print for profit will do so with or without me. There is a technical side to the printing but there is also a business side. Not many people are good at both. But I do believe as you said that the videos and the website provide a basic understanding or a foundation of the process.

      I always appreciate when you watch the videos on YouTube. That helps support me online. YouTube doesn’t offer a download service as the video copyrights belong to the channel owner.

      I don’t worry about trade “secrets”. I’m not the first person to screen print and have the experience I have. In the end it’s probably not really a secret anymore. All I worry about is creating a high quality product at a competitive price. The education side of it brings in way more opportunity than it destroys, if you know what I mean.

      It’s my pleasure to help out and share information. Thank you very much for taking the time to let me know how much you are getting out of my videos. I appreciate that. Make sure to check out the website for a ton of free information about screen printing. If you like the videos, then you should love the website too.

      And help spread the word about us online. Share my YouTube channel or website with your friends on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or whatever social networking site you may use. Every little bit helps.

      Thanks for your support. Feel free to ask questions anytime!

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