New Entertainment Video: Gunfight 2, The Heist!

Hello everyone, I’m just stopping in to say hello and let you all know about the newest entertainment video uploaded to the YouTube channel. It’s a wild west video featuring the Goldfield Gunfighters. This is an all new video with a new story about a Wells Fargo heist. It has a bigger cast than the first Gunfight! video had and it also has some wild western women!

The new video is called, “Gunfight 2, The Heist!”. This is one of the first few videos I made with the new HD camera. It is also one of the last videos I will post that was edited with Windows Movie Maker. I have one more wild west gunfight video to upload that was edited with Movie Maker. After that, it will be all high quality Sony Vegas videos. I have finally learned enough to edit and render my HD videos with Vegas alone.

I think the quality of the videos processed with only Sony Vegas will be high enough quality to really warrant being called HD. And you should be able to see the difference I think. The video will be crisper and have sharper edges throughout. It’s definitely a lot more work to edit in Vegas rather than Movie Maker but I really like the results. And I’m loving the new intro that will premiere with the next heat transfer video.

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