How To Screen Print: All About The Press

I remember very well when I first began making screen printing videos for YouTube. I saw there were a few people making screenprinting videos already but some videos were preachy while others were nothing more than commercials. I thought why hasn’t anyone actually taught screen printing? They talk a lot about it but no one ever seemed to explain anything. They didn’t take the time to tell you about the process or the tools. I think that’s why this is still one of my favorite videos because it shows and explains the basic functions of the textile rotary screen printing press.

The video is called, “How To Screen Print: The Shirt Press”. Again this is back in the day when I was a bit more self conscious and I didn’t really know what I was doing in regards to making videos. But I managed to pack a lot of information into the video that I thought would help a beginner learn about how to use the press. I wanted to use a video to thoroughly cover the manual rotary screenprinting press like no other video on YouTube had before. At this time I didn’t think about the video too much before I made it other than what the topic would be. Today, I actually come up with a topic and then sketch out some notes on what scenes I want to do and what information I want to cover. However, in the end when you don’t have a script, it is difficult to be anywhere close to perfect. That’s what might make my videos so popular; the style of instruction is loose, knowledgeable and easy to understand. I don’t think I will ever use a script.

I’d like to do another one about the textile press which focuses on all of the functions of the press in an abridged manor. Stay tuned for that one. In the meantime if you want to learn about using a manual rotary screen printing press, check out this video. And make sure to visit the YouTube channel for the entire screenprinting video collection. Then when you have time you can also read this article on the website about the manual rotary press: That’s a great article about how to rotate and use the press when printing tee shirts.

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