Sony Vegas And The New Video Intro

I have made some great strides in working with Sony Vegas. I had noticed that the method of editing and formatting my HD videos was actually causing some loss in clarity. So I finally sat down and had a 12 round match up with Vegas and I can’t say I  won but I certainly went the full 12 rounds. I came out of it with enough skills to improve the quality of my HD videos even further. And I was able to spice up the video portion of the new video intro with some “active graphics”.

I learned one thing with Vegas and my computer. If I edit for a long time and then go directly to render, it will mess up the whole thing and produce some wild garbage that may or may not even be a video. So before I render, I have to close Vegas and restart the computer, just to make sure, then render the video in 1440 X 1080 HD format. The first thing I did after I realized this was to make a new video portion to the intro music I premiered last week. Then I went ahead and edited the next video for YouTube which will be a heat transfer video. It will be a condensed, one part version of the Avery heat transfer videos already posted. I hope it will clear up a few things too.

Therefore, the next actual how to video will be much better HD quality and it will have a brand new intro clip with new video added to the guitar rhythm I made myself. I had already edited and made the new gunfight videos the old way and they will  upload just the way they are. It would be too much work to go back and reedit the gunfight videos in Vegas. But those will be the last 2 videos where I used Windows Movie Maker to help edit. Vegas does take a lot more time for me to work with but it will produce much better video quality.

You can check out the new intro clip HERE.

I think I will upload the first of the two gunfight videos this Monday. Then the new heat transfer video will come next. Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions LLC!

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