Screen Printing Video Update: What’s New?

A lot has happened in the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 for Catspit Productions. There are some major changes coming for the business and another major move. The warehouse where we used to be located is no longer accessible to us and I am having to find a new solution for my shop location. Because of the economy and recent developments in my personal life, I will be moving to a house with a 2 car garage. Yes, I will be rebuilding my shop in the garage. As I move toward selling more equipment and supplies, I am feeling that a work from home situation is better for me right now. The home shop will be used mostly for videos, training and finally print jobs. I will have all of the necessary elements of a professional shop in place so that I may continue to make educational screen printing videos for YouTube. It will definitely be a great way to show the Catspit audience how to set up at home in a professional manner but in no way am I returning to a “Garage Boy” style of working.

Therefore, the screen printing videos made for YouTube will be a little scarce for the time being. I will continue to upload videos but they will be less often for the moment. Instead of 1 video each week or every 2 weeks, I may wait until the last video uploaded has at least 1000 views before I load the next. The reason I am stretching out the videos I have is in order to keep the YouTube channel active and dynamic. That way I won’t lose any steam on YouTube while I get my shop back in place and start making new videos. This is a minor set back for me as it is a big job and I apologize for the inconvenience. I think the shop and the videos will be a lot stronger after the move. But know that I will get back on track and once again make new screenprinting videos for YouTube. 

In the meantime we have a few Arizona videos to upload. One is a really beautiful tour of the Phoenix Botanical Gardens and there are 2 new wild west gunfight videos. Then I will upload the videos I made at the SGIA show in Vegas. I have a couple from Saati and perhaps one form M&R. After that I hope to upload a great screen printing video covering a 3 color on a white under base. I will be slipping in some new computer generated heat transfer videos and perhaps some stray, leftover screen printing videos too. I have one or two that I will post here and there.

The blog, website and other elements of the online Catspit project will continue to function as usual. Anyway, this is a tentative schedule and it may change at any moment to fit the needs of the YouTube channel and remaining videos in stock. I am hoping to have this all resolved by the end of March or the beginning of April, 2011. I will keep you posted. Wish me luck and please stay tuned…

Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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2 Responses to Screen Printing Video Update: What’s New?

  1. Alberto A says:

    its too bad the warehouse is no longer available. I am a new comer to youtube and screen printing. i am glad i found you on youtube i am learning everyday from you.
    i have subscribed and will keep watching out for you. i am a big fan. dont wait to long to update us as we are hooked on you. i have made a homemade setup in my photo studio because the economy is tuff. i have some questions on the screen process. if you get a chance email so i can explain. i have some questions.

    thanks for education us
    Alberto- Wisconsin

    • Yes, it is a bit of a setback but by no means the end of the road. I think the changes will be great for my project and working with the correct people is essential. Just stay tuned to the Catspit Blog for updates and news about the move and new screen printing videos. Thanks for your support! Have no fear! This is really just the beginning…

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