Screen Printing Excitement!

I have been doing a lot of planning lately and I have come up with some new plans for the screen printing video introduction segment. Lately YouTube has been a little particular as far as giving credits for royalty free music. I even had to delete one video at one point because of some image copyright concerns. So I was thinking with the new HD camera it is time for an entirely new intro clip for the educational screenprinting videos on YouTube. Time to minimize the royalty free music.

I am in the process of creating a new intro clip with all new music. The last music was said to be a little intimidating or perhaps scary. I though it was dramatic like 2001 Space Odyssey music dramatic but I guess not…LOL. So I have decided to create an original rhythm myself with an electric guitar. Yes, once upon a time I played in a high school and college band but today I just fiddle around for fun and entertainment. I’m going to create a simple heavy metal rhythm to use as the intro clip music and it will be performed and recorded by myself. Getting into making the videos with such personal creativity got me to thinking about the new shop location.

I am getting really excited to custom build a studio type shop designed for making videos, training and finally screen printing jobs. I figure now that I will have total control of my shop environment, I will set it up with good video lighting and have a chance to get better audio by keeping things isolated. I am anxious to build my ideal video making and screen printing studio with total control over the end results. Before I was limited to do what I was allowed to do in the cooperative warehouse I was working in. I feel now that the freedoms of having a private space will be very good for me and my screen printing endeavors online or off.

Things are going very well online and I am excited to be offering more services and supplies on my website as well as equipment. I enjoy screenprinting a lot but I have been really having a good time helping others out while doing business with them. It is a very rewarding feeling to help someone out a great deal when you are conducting business. And in fact that is my entire business premise. By helping people out with training and information, I open many doors of opportunity for my customer and myself. That to me is good business. When both sides of the equation benefit and grow.

I can’t wait to get started making some really cool new screen printing videos. Stay tuned for the new intro clip! Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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