How To Screenprint A Two Color Tee Shirt

This is another one of my first videos that were made some time ago. When I started the YouTube channel I never knew I would end up running a screen printing blog and website. And in this video we can see that I am still a little nervous making videos. There is no introduction either because at this time I was trying to pack as much information into one 10 minute video as possible. I thought an intro was a waste of time. Later I came to realize shorter videos get more views and an intro clip plugging the website would be good. And it is.

In the video called, “How To Screen Print: 2 Color Print Demo With Flash”, I start out very awkwardly and ease into the video. Also at this point in video making I was doing things that were easy to do. If I had something set up I could demonstrate without printing actual product, I would  do it. Therefore I made a few videos like this one where I mostly demonstrated everything rather than showing live action screenprinting.  Soon I started to change that and found making more complex videos to be enjoyable. I still try to  keep the cost of video to a bare minimum. But sometimes I have to spend some money to make a video. So far it hasn’t been too bad.

Screen printing tee shirts can be very profitable and fun. I really do enjoy teaching it and making the videos for YouTube. And going back through my videos to take a look at where I started is always interesting and entertaining. You can see a big difference in the way I am in front of the camera then and now. Sometimes it makes me laugh very hard. Other times I cringe and ask, why did I do that? Thank goodness for the YouTube annotations because they allow me to add things I forgot to say or correct things I said by mistake. Anyway, it’s nice to have you along as we move forward with new videos and take a look back at some old ones too.

Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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