Catspit Productions Screen Printing Newsletter #2

Hello everyone and welcome to the second Catspit Productions Screen Printing Newsletter #2.

First I want to thank all of you for your continued support and thanks for visiting the Catspit Productions website! I appreciate your taking the time to watch my YouTube videos and read the great screen printing articles on the website. Thank you all.

Second: Season’s greetings and Happy Holidays to all. Whatever your geographical location, I hope the New Year brings great fortune and happiness to you and your families.

Now on to the latest and greatest news from Catspit Productions, LLC!

The Website: The Catspit Productions website is now over 80 pages and still growing! There have been many additions as well as modifications made to the website in the past 6 months. Many articles have been added and several new pages including one offering links to free graphic software. The website is always a work in progress and I try to update it on a regular basis. For a time I was considering rebuilding the website on a new platform with many new features but currently I feel that is unnecessary. In light of the world economy and conditions here at my own shop, I will be leaving the Catspit site exactly where it is, as it is for some time. You may have also noticed that we are no longer carrying an internet sponsor. It turned out to be too restricting and complicated therefore we will no longer have an internet sponsor.

The Catspit Blog: The blog has been moved to a new URL with its own domain. This move was made due to the discontinued service from the previous blog host. It was in fact a good move and the blog should have been on WordPress from the beginning but certain website limitations prevented that. The blog is no longer embedded on the Catspit website but there is a widget on the blog page that shows recent blog posts summaries. Make sure to subscribe to the RSS to keep up with video and article releases. Also, the blog is now accepting guest blog posts about screen printing; would you like to write a “how to” article? How about a screenprinting product review? Maybe you just want to share how you screen print at home. In any case, please feel free to contact me about doing a guest blog post on the Catspit Blog. A brief author bio and web link is included with guest blog posts.

Discounted Print Supplies: Catspit Productions is teaming up with vendors to offer visitors a discount on screen printing supplies. If you haven’t seen it already, please visit the new Print Supplies page of the website to learn about this great offer. You can get a 5% discount on most orders and get free shipping with Saati products from Saati Express. Many of the products used in the YouTube videos are available here. You can also buy inkjet film directly from Catspit Productions.

Vector Artwork Services: We now offer vector art conversions of your hand drawn or scanned artwork. This is a cool service that converts your jpeg’s, png’s, pdf’s and tiff image files into vector art files in EPS format. To learn more about the new service please visit the Artwork Services page of the website.

Equipment Sales: Catspit Productions has now expanded its equipment sales and offers everything form floor presses to bench models for the home printer. We also sell heat presses for shirts, hats and mugs. Ranar is our favored screenprinting equipment vendor and the Equipment Sales page of the website is a great tool for research if you are looking into equipment purchases. And if you decide to buy, we hope you consider purchasing screen printing equipment from Catspit Productions.

Bookstore: One of the most common questions received through the website is about screen printing books. It seems they are scarce and few and not so easy to locate. But the Catspit website now hosts a collection of screenprinting books available online for purchase. The links to these books are affiliate links and we appreciate your purchases through them.

New HD Wide Format Videos: I was fortunate enough to be able to get a Sony Handycam HD video camera and I am currently learning how to make better videos with it. I am also attempting to learn Sony Vegas and I hope to be posting some new high quality videos in the coming year. I want the HD camera to mark a new era in video making for Catspit Productions so be prepared for some creative video work. Maybe I can make the videos as entertaining as they are informative. We shall see how that goes.

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Thanks again to everyone for helping make the Catspit Productions internet project a success. I look forward to providing you with more great free information about screen printing in the future.

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