Screen Printing Tee Shirts: The Process Explained

It’s been a while now since I did my first screen printing video about the process for tee shirts. It is always amusing to me to go back and take a look at myself when I first started posting screenprinting videos to YouTube. When I first began, I was a bit reserved and self conscious of myself when I made the videos. I believe that is apparent at different points of the video called, “How To Screen Print: The Process Explained”. But despite my inadequacies in presentation and video making, the video ended up becoming somewhat popular on my YouTube channel. I was thrilled to see that the video could do so well and that people were responding to my presentation with a lot of positive comments.

Many people say that my explanation is simple, detailed and yet easy to understand. I find that to be the greatest compliment. When viewers appreciate not only the information I am sharing but the style of my video making, I am very happy. I really enjoy hearing that I am a good teacher or that I demonstrate and explain the process in a way which many can comprehend. That is probably part of the reason I have relaxed when I make videos today. Not to mention that after you watch yourself on video enough it tends to give you an ability to laugh at yourself and be comfortable with not being perfect.

These days when I make a screen printing video tutorial, I have a lot of fun. I don’t worry about looking stupid or silly because I know I will at some point no matter what I do. That is unavoidable. I am human and I make mistakes. Knowing this and having a sense of humor when it comes to watching myself on video helps me out tremendously. I think creating a YouTube channel and posting videos of yourself giving presentations would be a great psychiatric tool to overcoming stage fright and other public speaking fears. I think if I had to give a public demonstration today, I would be completely fine with it. Hey, that’s live; no one can pause it and freeze my face with a extraordinarily weird expression. That has to give me an edge!

Thanks a lot for checking out my videos on YouTube. Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC.

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