New Screenprinting Article: Screen Printing With A Flash Cure

Another new screenprinting article has been added to the website. I had some great fun writing articles over the Christmas break. Sometimes the classical music and the time off from working gives me extra fuel for writing. For the month of January, I will be focusing on writing articles for the website. I feel it is important to add as much information as I can and try to fill in as many gaps as possible.

With a recent internet contest awarding complete shop packages and an explosion of beginner’s blogs, the web has become flooded with people sharing their screen printing endeavors. And there has been a lot of bloggers who have been created through the pure marketing strategy of screen printing supply vendors. This means that it will become more difficult to wade through the internet fodder to get to the good stuff as time goes on. That’s why the Catspit website has to be on top of its game, always adding new and valuable information.

The new article is called, “Screen Printing With A Flash Cure: Advice On Flashing Tee Shirts”. This article briefly discusses using a flash cure unit to flash cure tee shirts between prints and to complete a final cure. This is basically a tip list which gives some fundamental advice on working with a flash cure unit. Some of the tips may seem to be obvious but when you are a beginner, it’s nice to have things explained in simple terms with some of the little details.

Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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