New Article: Pallet Adhesives For Screen Printing Tee shirts

Another new screen printing article has been added to the Catspit website. I really enjoy writing the articles for the website and they often seem to come 3 at a time. I never gave much thought to what writers say about writing. That it comes in spurts or periods where the words and information flows freely from the mind through the hands onto the keyboard. Or maybe a pencil and paper are still used in some instances. But it does appear to be true. There are times when I write a lot and times when I cannot seem to write at all. Anyway…

The article is called, “Pallet Adhesives For Screen Printing: Spray Tacks, Bulk, and Papers”. This article is about pallet adhesives used to hold tee shirts fixed to the printing pallet during screenprinting. The article briefly describes the 3 basic types and their usages. This is a great introductory website article for beginners and intermediates.

Many of the articles on the website are complimentary to the YouTube videos like this one. Make sure to visit the YouTube channel and watch the spray tack video too!

Thank you very much for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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