Yudu Review: What Can You Do With The Yudu?

Yudu review! Brand new article about the Yudu: What can you do with the Yudu? This is a very brief review and summary of the Yudu and why I do not recommend it for commercial screen printing purposes. I don’t belittle Yudu users; I am just giving a professional review on the machine and its hobby or commercial use.

The article is called, “The Yudu Screen Printing Machine: What Can It Really Do?”. In the article I give the reasons why I do not recommend the Yudu to anyone who is seriously interested in starting a screen printing business form home. I think the Yudu is a good machine, it’s just that it is promoted in a way which can be confusing to start up printers. Especially those who know very little to nothing about the screenprinting process.

If you are considering purchasing the Yudu for more than hobbyist applications, then you should really read this article first. I think it will help you decide if the Yudu will be appropriate for your particular needs and goals. And as always at Catspit Productions we want to educate first, then help out in any other way we can. So this article is not a sales pitch for another print at home product. Just a humble review by a professional screen printer.

Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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