Just An Update

Hello everyone. I have been very busy with a pretty big print run the past two weeks and now the job is finally done and delivered. I made some great videos of the production run so there will be some cool YouTube uploads which feature actual production. I know everyone likes those. It seems that people on YouTube respond the most to actual screen printing videos more than informational videos which do not show actual screen printing.

I have also been busy getting all my taxes together to send out today. That has been a big job and I am glad that is over as well. I just have to make some copies and mail them out. I’m about to do that now. Don’t forget to mail off your tax returns or apply for an extension if you need it.

I will also be making an announcement very soon about the new sponsor for the Catspit Productions website and the YouTube channel. I have finally worked out an arrangement with a close friend of mine to help make screen printing supplies and equipment available for purchase online with a Catspit code. I’ll post a blog with more about that very soon.

Thanks for visiting the Catspit YouTube channel and the Catspit website. I appreciate all of your continued support!

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