New Video Uploaded To YouTube: Saatichem Ink Wash & Chemicals

A new video has been uploaded to YouTube. The video was loaded Tuesday and is now live for public viewing. This video is called, “Screen Printing: Ink Wash, Reclaim & Prep Chemicals By Saatichem”. This video is sort of like the second part to the last Catspit video about Saati chemicals for screen making which also included ink solvents.

The video features Greg Jensen of Saati. He gives us a quick demonstration of some Saatichem ink wash, reclaiming and prepping chemicals for textile screen printing. This is a pretty cool video that was made at the ISS show in Long Beach, 2010. The lighting is a little shaky in that the backlit washout booth caused some problems. But overall I though It was still a great video to share with you all.

Make sure to stop by YouTube and check it out. Thanks for reading!

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