New Video Uploaded To YouTube: Sleeves & Ribbed Tank Tops

Another great new video about screen printing has been uploaded to YouTube yesterday morning. I had a pretty decent size production run with different designs and shirts being printed. So I did my best to get some video footage of the actual production run so you can see what it looks like when I print real work.

I have a total of 4 of these videos and I will be uploading the remaining 3 in the coming weeks. The new video is called, “How To Screen Print Tee Shirts: Sleeves & Ribbed Tank Tops.” In this video you get to see some sleeves being printed with a light grey ink on a black thermal long sleeve shirt. You can see the method used to get good coverage without having to double hit with a flash cure. The video also contains footage of printing a red metallic glitter ink onto a white ribbed tank top. For this print job the red glitter ink looked better when flash cured even though I set it up to print wet.

Sometimes when you set the job up and start printing it, the ink or even the shirt itself can determine what will look best and how you have to print it to achieve that look you want. I’ll write more on this in the future. But it is spring now and I am very busy with print work. So hang in there, I’ll be writing some more articles for the website as well as the blog.

Thanks for visiting the Catspit website and stopping by the blog too!

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