Catspit Productions Outgrowing Current Website Platform

Unfortunately for me, I feel that the Catspit website is quickly approaching the point at which it has reached the limitations of the current website hosting platform. I think I have pushed the current hosting services to the limits.

This means that it is time to move and relocate the website on a different hosting service with more functions and options for features on the website. This will include more interactive message boards and possibly forums.

The problem is that I have no money to pay someone to build a professional l website with all of the features I want. So I have been using free hosting services with browser type site designers. I have total control over the website and that has been addicting. I am not willing to give that control up yet. So the next logical step is to rebuild the site on another hosting platform with more options and services.

Obviously, this is a huge project and will take some time. And in the interim, I will have to continue the upkeep of the current website. I am thinking of various ways of reducing my workload during this time to facilitate and speed up the transition. I may have to take a video and article hiatus to accomplish this. So far all my plans are preliminary and tentative.

You never know, maybe I’ll figure out how to get this done one way or the other. I would love to build better screen printing website with lots of features for visitors and build a community around it. Right now my website is cool and functional with a lot of information but it lacks some of the modern website features that are so common today. And those are the features that make it fun for visitors, the things that will keep the website active and growing.

So far this has been a completely nonprofit endeavor but maybe that will change and I will get to fulfill my dreams of being able to pay for a fantastic website. Stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting the blog!

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