New Video Uploaded To YouTube: Sleeve Print Demo

A new video was uploaded to YouTube yesterday afternoon. This video is about setting up and printing a sleeve print. The video demonstrates a short sleeve print but the set up will be the same for a long sleeve because of the way I load the shirt. Want to know why? Make sure to check out the video, “How To Screen Print: Sleeve Print Demo – Grey on Black”.

A new article was also added to the website this week. Check out the Article, “Introduction To Ink; Water Based & Plastisol Screen Printing Inks”. This is a very cool introductory article about water based and plastisol inks for screen printing textiles. The article explains a bit about water based inks in general and talks about the biggest draw back for the use of plastisol inks in the home print shop. This is a great article for beginners who are trying to decide which ink to use for printing tee shirts at home.

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