Just An Update On Activities

I have been very busy seeking new screen printing customers due to the slow economy here in the States. As a result, I have been getting behind with my writing for the website. I have finally decided on the topics for the next 2 articles. Now I have to sit down and get to writing.

The next 2 articles will deal with ink. That is about all I can say at the moment because I don’t know where each article will go until I start writing them. It takes me about a week to write 1 article. I write the article in about 2 or 3 days and then the next 2 or 3 days I spend reading the article and refining it where it needs it. I find it very useful to sit with an article for a couple of days because what sounded good the day before may not sound so good today and it gives me an opportunity to really give it a going over.

The next video has been recorded and I am working on the edit currently. This video will be about sleeve prints and how to set them up. I will be working on the edit over the weekend and the video will post as usual on Monday morning. I am also working on the stretch and glue video where we will use an oversize roller frame to stretch 2 smaller wood frames using adhesive to attach the mesh. It will probably be another couple of weeks before I post this one. I am hoping to post it after the sleeve print but you know how it goes. We shall see. Stay tuned for news and updates!

Thanks for reading!

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