New Video Uploaded To YouTube: Left Chest Print Demo

That’s right! Another super fantastic video about screen printing has been uploaded to YouTube. This is a 9 minute video about setting up and printing a left chest print. It also happens to be white ink on a black shirt through a higher mesh count. So it gives you a look at printing white ink on a dark shirt with a flash, hit, flash scenario.

Make sure and check out the video called “How To Screen Print: Left Chest Print Demo – White On Black”. I had fun making this video even though it was raining and the lighting is a little darker than normal. I think it came out really nice and I hope you all enjoy it. Please remember, my videos are only brief overviews of the process. I can never fully cover each subject in a 10 minute video. Therefore different ways or certain steps may be omitted for time considerations.

Until next time. Thanks for watching!

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