New Wild West Slide Show Video On Deck

A new entertainment video will be uploaded Wednesday the 28th. This will be a slide show of southwestern photographs taken by yours truly. I am just beginning to play around with photography again but using all digital equipment now.

I was trained traditionally as a versatile studio photographer spanning many types of product shots, room sets, miniatures, and location work to full bridal fashion shows. I’ve even done some food set work with the real stuff! Filet mignon and lobster tail anyone? That was then, this is now. I still have most all of my “analogue” equipment, meaning traditional silver nitrate film type cameras and the respective lighting accoutrements. I still have my 4×5 view camera. It produces 4 inch by 5 inch pieces of film.

Now I am starting to play with the digital stuff and it most definitely reacts very differently to light than real film. So here is the first of many slides shows to come featuring my digital photography efforts. But be kind, it is a new format for me. This video will also be embedded on the About Arizona page on the Catspit website.

I have some of my old traditional black and white film work on Flickr but I lost many of my prints and negatives in an apartment fire about a year ago.

The next video will be uploaded in November. Stay tuned!

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