Happy Halloween!

Needless to say Halloween is my favorite holiday. Not because of the evil and darkness associated with it but because of the movies, haunted houses, candy and skeletons.

I love skulls and bones, as it may be obvious. To me it is a reminder and an affirmation of life. As living beings we die. We are born and then we die at some later point. So I am not obsessed with death, rather I want to try to remember to live each day individually because they are limited or “numbered” for all of us.

I have a small collection of skulls and such that I place around my home…all year round. Some people who visit me are bothered or disturbed by this and in turn think I am disturbed. Not at all, well maybe a little. Aren’t we all?

Listen, the bottom line is I can get up one day and go about my business as usual only to be struck by a car later that day and die, never to return home. So for me it is important to keep that in mind and try to live for the moment and enjoy what I have now. Much like the day I left Swan Song at home, the cat who inspired the name and logo for Catspit Productions, only to return to a burned down building and a dead feline. I didn’t say goodbye to her that morning and I regret it. That could have easily been a human family member as well.

This is why I seem to surround myself with images of death. It helps me remember to live and enjoy being alive. Halloween is a holiday for me that enforces this. So before you go out today, let everyone in your family know you love them. Tell them how much happiness they bring to your life. Enjoy the day for what it is and share your love of life with someone who needs the it.

Happy Halloween everyone and please be safe. Don’t make hasty decisions when your life is involved or even your physical well being. Unfortunately, many people will get hurt or even die this evening due to unfortunate Halloween accidents. Let’s try to avoid some of that by remembering how much fun it is to be healthy and alive.


Thanks for reading!

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