The Catspit Blog & A New Video On Deck

Now that I have spent two months straight jumpstarting The Catspit Blog, I will no longer be making daily entries. I will be making blog entries steadily and continuously but just not every day.

I have to admit that I began to find it exhausting trying to keep up with YouTube and website questions while developing videos, writing articles for the website and at the same time making blog entries every day. Oh, yes, let’s not forget the print shop too. I have to keep printing shirts to pay the bills! Anyway, I want to start to concentrate on writing more screen printing articles and other content for the website while still making videos. That means I can’t be worried about doing a blog every day as well.

The next video will be uploaded will be about taping off screens and screen tapes. This video will be uploaded on Monday the 26th. And a new expanded version of the mesh prep video will be coming soon. 

Thanks for reading!

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