Two Brand New Articles Added To The Catspit Website!

Another 2 new articles about screen printing have been added to the Article Archive page in the Printing Articles section of the Catspit Productions website. Learn more about coating screens and using direct emulsions for textile screen printing applications.

The first is called “Stencil Performance: Understanding Direct Emulsions & Capillary Films” and the second is “Using Direct Emulsions: Screen Coating Tips”. The new Article Archive page in the Printing Articles section of the website is where you will find all of the latest articles about screen printing by Catspit Productions.

Remember; I add articles and content often. I try to add articles every month so make sure to check back with the Catspit website to see new material. Always keep in mind it takes a week or so for Google to index new additions and therefore it takes some time for new content to show up in the site search function.

Thanks for reading!

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