New YouTube Channel Design Finally Hits Catspit Productions Channel

Finally the long awaited new channel design has hit the YouTube channel for Catspit Productions. YouTube has been promising this change for some time now and many users have dreaded its arrival.

Basically the new channel design takes away a lot of the control.  We have lost the ability to feature videos on our own channel page. I can only choose the one video which is featured in the default player on the channel page. No longer can I put website promotional videos or videos that have low view counts in the spotlight of the channel page. As a result, we may no longer create a unique channel by modifying it with many of the options it used to have.

It would seem that this is a way of homogenizing the average YouTube user. And the anti fake view count software that YouTube employs only seems to affect the little guys who are performing well. Once again I have another video stuck at 303 views. That seems to be the magic number right now.

Check out these videos: HULU TUBE PHASING YOU OUT OF YOUTUBE mirror and NEWS ON THE CHANGES (Mirror). I am not sure how much of this is truth but I can tell you that YouTube has changed a lot very recently. It is a shame to see a great icon of the internet get washed down and commercialized to the point of loosing its original identity.

YouTube has been such an important internet device for people to share all kinds of things. It was a place where the users themselves would determine the direction of the site and its content. It was alive. It was an entity, a community. Now, I fear that it is just one more cog in the machine. Another place for big corporations to exploit their power over the general public and take away our ability to choose and decide what is popular.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand that YouTube needs to earn a buck. But the fact of the matter is that they have so much traffic and they dominate this niche on the internet. They were the first. We all know they could have left the integrity of the original YouTube site in tact and still profited off of the traffic that the site generates. But I guess when you can have it all…

On a final note I have to say that YouTube is still a great internet tool and I do support the use of the website. As long as I can post videos that people can find when they are looking for screen printing information, then I am happy. I can’t complain too much, it is a great free service.

Thanks for reading!

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