New Limited Edition Shirts Coming To EBay

EBay sales have been slow to non existent but I feel the need to push forward and try to add more variety to the product line listed there. Now that EBay has made it possible to post multiple sizes for one shirt listing, it is cost effective to list more items.

I have a few new button up shirts with collars. There are denim shirts and black cotton shirts with some stitch work as well. These shirts will feature new art. I will start with these which have a classic Phoenix or Firebird printed in bright red on the back. The other design is an oriental dragon with wings printed in a traditional green ink.

Then I will try to get some new dragon art going and make some new cool button up style shirts for EBay. As old limited edition shirts sell out, I will create a shirt gallery on the website to add them to. There you will be able to see all of the shirts that were sold out on EBay. I hope this gallery grows!

Remember, I do use the same artwork multiple times but I choose different garments and print them differently. This way I can make the most of my very hard to get artwork.

Thanks for reading!

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