Free Plans To Build A Four Color T Shirt Screen Printing Press

Finally after much research and wandering through the abyss of the World Wide Web, I have found some excellent and very detailed plans for a four color textile screen printing press you can build at home.

This is a very impressive website for free plans to build a 4 color, 1 station manual screen printing press. The site has detailed explanations and illustrations as well as close up photos of a built and well used press. It is a rare thing when someone offers such detailed instructions on how to build your own press for free. You can even buy the hardware in a package and supply the lumber yourself. Contact and purchasing information is on the website. This is a must to check out!

Creators: ©Michael Phipps and ©Dan Mitchell, Plans Prepared by: ©Michael Phipps

Go to for the links to the website and the detailed plans in PDF format which you can save to your hard drive for reference. It is located in the Tips & Advice section under the Print At Home tab.

Thanks for reading!

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