About The Catspit Name & Logo

In December of 1989 I was just beginning college at Arizona State University. I had moved to Mesa from New York City to stay with my Mother and go to school. I was new to the area and had few friends. I spent much of my time working on my degree alone and I thought it would be nice to get a fury little friend. 

I found a 6 week old all black female kitten in a local pet store in a 10 gallon fish tank with her brother. I took her home and named her Swan Song after the recording label of my favorite band. The name also has its own iconic meaning in literature.

Over the years we spent together I noticed how when I would pet her and give her love she would salivate excessively and shake her head like a dog throwing the spit everywhere. And I mean a lot of spit, all over the place. Yes, Catspit!

So when I came to form the business on paper, I named It Catspit Productions with the inspiration coming from my now adult cat Swan Song. That explains the name.

In May of 2008 my apartment burned down and Swan Song died from smoke inhalation. She was 18 years old. I was devastated. I had never thought of her not being around. About this time I was playing with logos for my business and I wanted it to be something meaningful. Since the business was already named with inspiration from Swan Song, I took the next logical step.

That is where the skull and cross bones come in. It is a tribute to the death of my longtime companion and friend, Swan Song. The two green swirls in the back are representative of the two electron orbits of the number two element, Helium which is the fuel for stars.

For me, being an amateur scientist, astronomer and physicist, the skull and bones with the two electron orbits of Helium represents life and death. It represents the life and death of Swan Song.

The logo is very personal to me and I understand that it is not agreeable to some but we live in an educated, sophisticated time and I would hope people understand that the bottom line is that it is just a logo. There isn’t any hidden message or secret meaning; just a design in memory of an old friend. Don’t worry; your shirts won’t be delivered in a privateer either. Ahoy!


Thanks for reading!

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