The Catspit Productions Website Is Growing

Now that the basic structure of the website is in place, I am trying to focus on content. At the moment, I am the only contributing author to the website and it takes a good amount of effort to come up with articles that are general and introductory in nature but informational at the same time.

In time the content of the website will grow and it will contain more answers and information about screen printing that you can search for using the site search function.

At some point I will look for information and articles from other credible resources in the screen printing industry. The website is still in its infancy and needs to build a bit more clout before I approach prospective authors for website material.

A new Printing Articles section will be added this week. It will be an article Archives page where all the newest articles will be listed as links. Click the link and it will bring you to the article page. This will help make it easier to find information rather than having articles ganged up on one page. All existing article pages will remain the same.

Please help spread the word about the Catspit Productions website and make sure to sign in on the Guestbook to share your thoughts with everyone.

Thanks for reading!

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