Outsourcing: Print Work & Film

As a small screen printing shop I often find it difficult to fulfill all of the needs of my customers. My own equipment is limited in many ways and it is necessary to outsource certain jobs or work when I need to ensure the best value for my customer.

Above all customer satisfaction is my top priority. I want to provide the highest quality product at a very competitive price. But knowing when to outsource a print job is important. All screen printers will do it in one way or another. And eventually my shop will have all the tools and recourses to take on any job. For now, I accept that I will not be able to do certain print work as well as my subcontracted screen printer. But in the end, my customer is happy with the work and the price.

Outsourcing film can also be very helpful in the beginning stages of building your screen printing business. I am still working on getting my film output system up to par. It can be costly and time consuming. So I create as much of the film as I can myself. Anything that my film output system can’t handle, I will outsource. The trick is to get a price on outsourcing your film that is such that you do not have to raise your price to your customer at all. You can just proceed as normal with any job and if you need film made you just do it. It will lower your profit margin slightly but you will have a better product and a happy customer when it is done.

Remember, word of mouth is the single most effective form of advertising for small screen printers. Therefore, customer satisfaction is an absolute priority. Do what you need to do to make your customers happy. Even if you won’t make as much money because in the long run it will pay off.


Thanks for reading!

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