Thanks To Everyone For Your Support

I have to stop a moment to say thank you. Thanks to all of my YouTube subscribers and all of the visitors to the website. Thank you all very much!

The entire YouTube and Catspit website project began in January of this year. Things seem to be going pretty well. There is a very limited budget for the project and therefore there has been very little done in the form of advertising. However, the subject of screen printing is very popular on YouTube.

So the traffic from YouTube generally drives the traffic on the website. The two traffic numbers for each are correspondent. If YouTube is slow, the Catspit website is as well.

Good news! That is beginning to change. Now that the website is growing and building links on the internet, it is starting to draw its own traffic in addition to YouTube. Please help the Catspit Productions website grow; add to your social networking page.

And remember, if you use MySpace, Facebook, Flikr or LinkedIn you can network with Catspit Productions by adding us as a friend or contact. Please share Catspit Productions with your social network!

Once again, thanks to everyone who watches the YouTube videos and visits the website. I hope to continue to add value to the Catspit project as a community forms around it. 

Thanks for reading, watching and stopping by!

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